The Rugby Expo Lecture with Jaimie Fuller

Executive Chairman of SKINS to profile rugby’s opportunity for global growth

To close the packed pro-game conference programme on Wednesday at Rugby Expo, Jaimie Fuller, Executive Chairman of international sports compression wear company SKINS, will take to the stage to deliver a hard-hitting and thought-provoking lecture explaining why rugby’s opportunity for exponential global growth is right here, right now.

A hugely passionate sports fan, Jaimie’s commitment to the SKINS ethos of ‘Fuelling the True Spirit of Competition’ will resonate with many. He is a longstanding campaigner for sporting integrity, most recently publishing an open letter to Cricket Australia in the wake of the ball tampering scandal. You can read the letter by clicking here.

More information about Jaimie Fuller and SKINS

In 2012, Jaimie founded the international pressure group, Change Cycling Now (CCN). The move was inspired by the growing international criticism of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and its handling of cycling’s doping issues including the Lance Armstrong scandal. Jaimie’s work with Change Cycling Now resulted in the sitting president of the UCI losing his leadership position.

In 2013, Jaimie established the anti-doping campaign, #ChooseTheRightTrack to celebrate and promote the true values of sport free from corruption and drugs. The campaign was a result of a series of discussions between Jaimie and former Olympic 100 metre champion Ben Johnson, whose involvement helped focus people’s attention on the requirements for positive change in anti-doping.

The #ChooseTheRightTrack campaign was targeted at the IOC, lobbying for the establishment of an Athletes Support Council plus greater funding for WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). Six weeks after the conclusion of the campaign, the IOC announced a one off $20 million extra investment to be matched by government to be spent on anti-doping research and combatting match fixing.

In 2014 – prior to the infamous FIFA arrests in May 2015 – Jaimie co-founded the campaign group #NewFIFANow to call out and eradicate the serial allegations of corruption dogging football. To further promote these aims, #NewFIFANow established an awareness-raising campaign and social discussion to canvass the many issues, resulting in a Charter and Guiding Principles for FIFA Reform, letter-writing campaigns to football associations, the FIFA Executive and sponsors and a fans’ sentiment survey.

More recently, Jaimie has set his sights on SKINS leading the way in advocating for some of the big social issues in sport that need to be addressed.

This started in 2015 with the ‘Hypocrisy World Cup’ campaign, in conjunction with #NewFIFANow, the International Trade Union Confederation and Playfair Qatar. The aim of the campaign was to highlight the gap between football sponsors’ rhetoric on business integrity and human rights, and the organisation and tournaments they chose to sponsor.

In early 2016, Professor John Ruggie of Harvard University, submitted a report to FIFA with a blueprint for making positive interventions on this issue. Amongst other things, FIFA now requires these matters to be accounted for in future bidding processes for major tournaments.

Another issue on which Jaimie is passionate is that of homophobia in sport. In partnership with Pride in Diversity and Pride in Sport, SKINS founded the inaugural ‘Rainbow Round of Sport’ in Australia in 2016 focussing on saying #KnotMe to homophobia in sport. The #RainbowLaces campaign invited elite sporting teams and athletes to wear #RainbowLaces for a particular weekend and 100,000 pairs of laces were given away for free to community organisations and grassroots clubs.

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